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To be a Black man in America

To be 100% honest, to be a black man in America is beyond exhausting on your mental state. It’s a form of existence where things are projected upon you for no other reason than you existing.

Assumptions are made, guards go up, and people maybe not even consciously move in fear around you. Not by anything you have ever even done, but by how people perceive you, or things they’ve been told about your kind.

I honestly thought there were two mindsets in America about racial injustice and discrimination. I thought you either got it, or you didn’t care to know.

I honestly thought people didn’t care like it was an open joke that everyone ignored. “At least you’re not a black guy.” Are jokes I’ve overheard at parties with no “ex-friends” or “you’re one of the good ones.” Blah blah blah or another host of micro-aggressions.

On May 25th, 2020 George Floyd was murdered in cold blood by 4 police officers that ignored his pleas for help, assistance while they kneeled on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds until he suffocated, and later died.

(There is no spin zone, an op-ed piece that can distort or ignore that fact.)

The world responded by opening up the pouring of love, support, disgust, and every other raw emotion that has been expressed over social media.

I recorded my raw and internal thoughts on police brutality, black lives matter and the positive changes I see in our nation, and the ripple effect that has taken hold of the world.

We are beyond happy to inform you that Sock Season will be taking a more vocal stance on social issues that support our customers, and us as founders

There are many troubles in the world, and if we are not using our voice to raise awareness and help you as individuals improve your lives outside of purchasing our socks.

What change are we really making?


Jordan Baylor (Co-founder/Chief Operating Officer)

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