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Dealing with Criticism: How to Get Stronger and Develop a Thicker Skin

Dealing with CriticismDealing with Criticism: How to Get Stronger and Develop a Thicker Skin

Do you easily get hurt by the things that other people say to you? And you tend to take things personally? If so, you need to figure out soon how to develop a thicker skin or else you'll live an unhappy life. 

If your skin is too thin, you will always be on edge, and you'll get upset quickly even with the smallest things if someone disagrees with your opinion or doesn't like what you are enjoying the most.

Fear of getting your feelings hurt will you hold back. Fear will stop you from trying new things. And fear will prevent you from being successful.

If you don't want to live like that for the rest of your life, you need a thick skin to tune out all those voices that hold you back and learn how to take criticism.

You have to accept that not everything is about you. There could be other reasons why other people sounds mean to you or ignoring you. This person could be having a bad day or stressed about work. So don't take things personally. Get over it and go back to work.

Be good at controlling your emotions. Stop getting overly responsive to negative feelings and provocations of others. It's hard, but you need to learn to control your emotions and pick your battles wisely. There are certain situations that you don't have to fight back or think about it deeply, and you can let it slide. Learn how to be patient.

Remember that everyone gets rejected sometimes. Don't let your failures define you. It is how you overcome these failures that will make you who you are. There are a lot of successful people who got rejected before they found the key to success. So, don't stop moving and keep learning. 

When someone rejected your opinion, it doesn't mean he or she hates you. This person was merely rejecting the idea, not you. Try to come up with better ideas and see if it works. If you think you are right, don't shy away from confrontations, however, learn how not to make it personal and keep calm. 

Only let in constructive criticism that will help you improve yourself and grow in a positive direction. Accept the truth and use it as a fuel to do better. 

Don't focus on yourself all the time, or else you'll likely dwell on your shortcomings. Give yourself some slack and don't be too hard on yourself. 

Also, don't worry if you look or sound stupid to others. So what? As long as you get the right idea or you understand what's going on, who cares? It is you who will be affected if you didn't make things right or reach your goals.

Finally, life is too short to feel slighted at everything. When you grow a thick skin, you'll quickly realize how much it held you back from opportunities and growth. It'll be easier for you to weather any criticism and maintain perspective. Face your fears and live a happy life!

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