All That Glitters IS Gold

When it comes to Sock Season’s new Glitterati Socks, you can be assured of its lustrous value. Versatile and on trend, glitter is making a comeback in 2017. From the recent popularity in illuminating highlighters in the make-up realm to the Glitter Sock Knit Ankle Boots from streetwear power-haus, Vetements, people are obsessed with all that sparkle and shine.

Glitterati Socks come in a plethora of colors to fit every styling need perfectly. Pair them with sneakers or sandals to bring a pop of sugar and spice to a casual, everyday look. Or add a hint of boldness to a sleek ensemble by combining a lively pair of glitter socks with heels, boots, or oxfords. There is virtually no wrong way to wear them!
Pro Tip: This is a perfect trendy way to extend the wear of your favorite open toe-ed sandals or heels into the chillier months of the year.
Glitter is like magic fairy dust. It has always had the power to elevate an outfit or look to the next level. It is eye-catching and glamorous while also evoking playfulness and fun. Whether you are strolling through town or strutting down the runway, adding Glitterati Socks to your wardrobe is the easiest way to partake in the hottest trend this season. Tinkerbell would be proud.