Krystal Kitty Has Arrived!

Smitten by kittens is a complete understatement when it comes to this darling Krystal-Kitten Sock set. With a gorgeous pastel-essence, a lightweight blend of crystal and nylon for shaping to your foots natural shape, and to top it all off – a set of five adorable kitten friends, there is no arguing that this is an exceptional set of kitten socks.  

We’ve all played witness to the drastic transformation in trends, but socks have been revolutionized into something greater than ever expected.From humble beginnings as a simple commodity, socks have flipped the fashion game upside down, evolving into a powerful and modern statement piece.

Expressing yourself has never looked this utterly adorable.  See why this luxurious blend of material will have you feeling the clear benefits of treating your toes.

Get them meow or never!